Love Advice 3 Top Relationship Tips

There are three top tips to having a great relationship that you can put to use in your love life immediately.

1.  Play.  How much play you have in your relationship determines its quality, to a large degree.  The more play you have with your mate, the less fighting there will be.  There is an inverse relationship.  The more of one you have, the less of the other.  So tip number one is to have some play time with your mate at least weekly.  Do you at least plan a date night?

2.  Manage Conflict Smoothly.  You will have conflict in any long term relationship.  That's a given.  But how you manage the conflict is the key to how well your relationship will endure.  Relationships where partners scream a lot, scorn each other, and/or treat each other with contempt during conflict are unhealthy, and studies have shown they often won't last.  Conflict is going to happen, spending time learning how to handle it in ways that don't damage the relationship will keep your partnership healthy.  Tip number two is to minimize conflict damage.

3.  Minimize Mind Reading.  We often tend to think our partners should just know what we want.  This is a faulty assumption, and it can be a fatal one.  Rather than think your mate should know what you want and give it to you, be proactive instead.  Ask for what you want.  If you need a hug, ask for it.  If you need to be heard rather than given advice ask your mate to just listen.  And encourage your mate to ask for what they need as well.  Tip number three is to continue to develop your ability to make powerful intimate requests.

There are entire books that can be written about each of these three topics, so this is obviously just an introduction, but these are a great place to start to improve your love relationship today. 


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