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We get into relationships for the love, right? Love is what we want to feel. The more we experience, the more intimacy and more close the relationship seems to us.

But most of us feel no true sense of control over how much love we can experience or provide for our partner. This is where love advice come in handy.  At first we felt a lot of love and appreciation from our mate. In the courting phase, it was pretty great.

Once we are living together after the initial courting phase, sometimes we feel loved and sometimes we feel distant or just okay or whatever.

However, there are ways to make each other feel really loved every day. Love advice that is practical and useful today.  Maybe twice or five times as loved as we normally do. This skill can be called the Love Multiplier.

The Love Multiplier is deceptively simple. The first thing you need to do is to discover your personal structure for feeling loved. Yes, you have a "structure" for feeling loved by your partner. There is some thing or combination of things that he/she can do that make you feel really loved. You know what it is though you may not have thought about it in this way before.

For example, you are not overwhelmed by feelings of love when a fly buzzes around your ear. When your lover whispers hot nothings into your ear you may feel very loved. The point is that some things make you feel loved, and some do not.

This is an important revelation.  How can you use this love advice in your relationship?

Feelings of love don't just happen to us willy-nilly. Oftentimes, feelings are results, they have causes or "structures." Of all the things your mate does, when you can identify the behaviors that make you feel loved you can start to feel it "on purpose."

Each of us has a personal or idiosyncratic way that we feel love. Some of us feel more loved with visual displays like when our mate wears lingerie or brings us pretty flowers. Others of us feel loved in an auditory way, with the right music or the right tone in a lovers voice.  Here's some simple love advice for you:  To feel more love, you just need to figure out what things make you feel loved, and what things you do that make your mate feel loved, and start doing those things on purpose.

There is a lot more to figuring out our love buttons, but just this can help you to start bringing more love into your relationship on purpose every day.

Love is not something that is static.  You don't accomplish it once and keep it forever.  Some simple love advice is to keep learning more about it.  Pay attention to what true love needs and you will learn to have more of it in your life.

Be a student of love advice.  Keep adding to your relationship tool kit.  Learn skills to help you keep love thriving.  This is always a good use of your time.  More love.  It's what we all want and what the world needs.

Learn about the phases of love relationships.  Learn about the importance of play to a healthy love life.  Learn about the keys to intimacy.

We tend to get into a relationship and think that once we've found intimacy and true love it should stay that way. After all, it was hard enough to find real intimacy with another person. Once we've found it, we should get to keep it, right?

Then we find out that it doesn't work that way. Some love advice is this:  Intimacy and true love is a dynamic process, not a static emotion. Our feelings of closeness and love with our mate ebb and flow with feelings of irritation, disappointment, upset and indifference.

Most of us adults discover that it is easier to fall in love than to actually stay in love. What, then, can we do to have more true love?

This is a complex topic worthy of the tons of books written about it, but there are some good guidelines to follow. You've already made a good step if you have realized that love is not like some medal you get pinned on your chest that you get to keep. Love is dynamic and will change.

If you can appreciate that truth, then you can understand this next piece of love advice.   Relationships are an inquiry into loving. They are an ongoing opportunity to learn about how intimacy works and what gets in the way of it.  You get to learn your own love advice over time in relationships!

The honeymoon phase of your relationship will wear off. This is an opportunity to run away looking for another person who will make you eternally happy or to stay and grow in your ability to learn to love. When the infatuation goes away, can you stay and learn to truly love?  Good love advice is to learn to stay when the honeymoon phase wears off.

What you can begin to learn is that love has a lot to do with acceptance of your mate and their quirks and personality. There will be things we like and things we don't like as much. The luster we felt for each other will wear off some. The fantasy ideal we had for how great it was going to be in the honeymoon phase must give way to reality.

Learning how to love means not expecting our mate to keep us happy all the time. That is an expectation no one can fulfill. You mate cannot fill your inner emptiness. You have to keep taking your own journey. And learning to stay in relationship when the infatuation wears off and a little conflict and disappointment show up is another way to learn something useful about love.  

Some of the best love advice is to keep learning more about relationship intelligence!





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